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Unified Mindfulness:  Rochester

(All gatherings happening through zoom during the Coronavirus Shelter In period)

Weekly Class Meetings

meditation, Q&A, feedback

Monday evenings, 7 - 8:30

339 Berkeley St, Rochester

Friday mornings, 10 - 11:30

Spiritus Christi 121 N FitzHugh 

Walking Meditation Field Trip

2nd Wednesdays

10 - 11:30 a.m.

Ellison Park, Rochester

Intro to Unified Mindfulness

​Ask about the next plan for an intro session

The nuts & bolts of UM -- 3 sense modalities, 3 attentional skills, "noting," using optional labels.

with a special theme, exploring Equanimity -- simple ways to build a life of radical acceptance

Zoom meetings

Unified Mindfulness Rochester: Services
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