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Holiday Retreat Series
Lovingkindness & Compassion
Winter 2018 / 2019

   Boundless Mind days:  a 4 part practice clinic 

The Buddha recommended 4 especially skillful mindstates.  He offered a variety of meditation techniques to plant the mind's garden with these flowers.  

The first two Boundless Minds are Metta -- Lovingkindness or Friendliness;

and its twin sister Karuna -- Compassion.

What makes these mindstates so wholesome?  When do we want to dwell in these states?  How do boundless mind practices compliment basic mindfulness?  How can they create a "field guide" to our mind?  Can the boundless minds extend our practice through daily life?

As winter begins let's gather  in the warmth of community to explore techniques which cultivate the mind's garden.  Create a retreat for yourself around the holidays.  Sprinkle your weeks with the seasoning of Love and Compassion.

Saturdays     9 am – 12 noon

December 8

December 29

January 12

January 19

Limit:    25 participants

No prior experience with meditation required

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