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Stillness & Presence

Stillness & Presence Groups are home based interfaith practice communities which meet monthly.

These were initiated and initially designed by Chris Phillips and are co-lead by all members.  We collaborate to evolve the topics and resources for our meetings.

We co-create a shared interfaith community, drawing bridges between silent contemplative prayer, Buddhist meditation, and the unique practice experiences of each member.  A reading or recording from one tradition or another is used as a springboard for our sharing.  We become closer through weather reports on our spiritual practice since the last meeting.

There are currently two groups meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Chris is available to help launch new groups with this tested design.

Foggy Waters

More about the meetings

The Basic Start-Up curriculum

How to Co Evolve the Long Term Path for your Group

Woman by the Water
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Stillness & Presence: News and Tips
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