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Mindfulness & Contemplative Coaching

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As I reflect on the coaching experience I witness a pattern.  It feels natural to begin with techniques and tools, brought from our spiritual traditions.  This phase is often driven by a particular need, challenge or interest of the client's.  I like seeing the practitioner's abilities flourish. It also delights me to witness the second phase.  Together our awareness opens to a deeper level where self love and holy longing can emerge, usually accompanied by a perennial struggle with unwanted limits and losses.  The tried and true methods of our spiritual ancestors invite us to a Great Intimacy with life, a letting go of control and perfection of the "small self," in which we orbit safely and happily near to the Source.

Short Term Practice Boost

Work for 2 or 3 meetings to begin / refresh your mindfulness or contemplative prayer practice

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On-going Support

Meet on a regular basis.  Weekly, monthly ...

Identify contemplative or meditation interests and needs as they arise. Change problems or obstacles into windows of opportunity.  Open to blessings.  Release perfectionism and striving.  Optimize and celebrate your strengths.

Coaching is available in person, or via phone and video calls.

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Special Focus Theme

Choose a traditional or modern theme which gives your contemplative practice vitality.  Unpack and explore together over time.

Examples -- Breath awareness.  Centering Prayer.  Learn a Plum Village meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh.  Get familiar with Shinzen Young's Unified Mindfulness system.  Working on detection of Body Emotions.  Working with Pain and Acceptance.  Welcoming emotions with Rest and Relaxation.  Receiving and offering Care & Lovingkindnes.  Finding more compassion for myself and others.  Lectio Divina with scripture.  Ignatius' daily examen.  Flow.  Spaciousness.  Movement meditation. Praying with unwanted limitations, loss and grief.

Design a private retreat to build a mindfulness skill. 

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The Co-Meditation Method

Build your skills of sensory awareness.  Plan with the coach to clarify goals.  Design a technique session together to explore your goal.   Meditate together in real time followed by a debriefing and goal setting.


Trio Coaching

Some folks learn better in tandem.   Bring your prayer partner or meditation friend to coaching.  Work in a supportive confidential trio.    Take turns witnessing each other's co-meditation and debrief.

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