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Special Retreats

4 Foundations of Mindfulness Trilogy

Fall 2018

 An experiential tour of the Buddha's mindfulness meditation teachings

The discourse on the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness is the core manual for vipassana meditation in the teachings of the Buddha. It is the original seed of the modern mindfulness movement.

This trilogy on the 4 Foundations offers a series of practices and presentations to get folks familiar with the basic plan and intentions of the discourse. It also acts as a step-by-step preview to vipassana methods, from first sitting down to train the attention all the way along the rhythmic road to liberation.

I    Dwelling Happily in the Present Moment

Saturday Oct 27  9 – 5 pm 

Mennonite Church 

* beginning a Foundations of Mindfulness practice for newcomers to meditation

* and for those who want to refresh or expand their techniques

II    Emotions

Opening Session Friday Nov 2 

Daylong Session Saturday Dec 1    9 - 5

Spiritus Christi & Mennonite Church

* using the first three foundations – awareness of body, feeling-tones, and mental formations

* the Buddha's blueprint for a life of mindfulness

* emotions are waves of energy made of the 6 senses

* sense experience tangled together co-creates the suffering self;  mindfulness untangles the senses and flows the energy

III    The 4th Foundation

2 Sessions January 18 & 25 1 – 5 pm

Spiritus Christi

* using the 7 Factors of Enlightenment and other patterns of  experience

* hindrances, calming factors, energizing factors

* how balance and acceptance bring our practice all the way to fruition

Registration deadlines

for part II, October 31st

for part III, December 1st

Full descriptions with times, locations and other retreats

4 Foundations of Mindfulness Retreat Series: Services
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