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Find here Chris Phillips' personally designed workshops or retreats. 

Also programs from the Unified Mindfulness Rochester project (indicated with "UM").   

UM Rochester events only require an RSVP. 

Other Sunlight of the Heart programs need a pre-registration with your contact information and a small deposit gift to reserve a spot.

Sunlight of the Heart programs take both ancient and modern angles on vipassana style mindfulness meditation.  This is characterized by a systematic approach, precise descriptions and an orientation to sense experience in the present moment.  Programs are skill-driven and practical.

Unified Mindfulness is a modern scientific approach to mindfulness developed by teacher, Shinzen Young.  UM offers a very complete method anchored in body sensations, seeing, and hearing.  UM bears fruit in formal stillness and during daily life action.  The UM system teaches a number of techniques, plus a way of thinking about all the contemplative practices of the world.  No matter what your meditation background there's a niche in Unified Mindfulness for you.

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