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Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer Is . . . 

. . . "the prayer of consent," a method of silent Christian prayer which prepares us to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, in which we experience God's presence and action within us.

This method is a discipline to help us rest with God and silently deepen that relationship in trust.

Centering Prayer was formulated through practice and study of traditional contemplative practices by monks at St Joseph's Abbey in Spencer MA during the 1970's.  Father Thomas Keating became the foremost proponent of the method.  His organization Contemplative Outreach continues to support Centering Prayer around the world.  Their website has a host of information and programs.  See the button link below.

In our area the local chapter, Contemplative Outreach of Rochester NY, supports 7 prayer groups, trains group facilitators and holds retreats.  To learn more and get on their mailing list contact Cheryl McElhatten at

Chris offers a Centering Prayer Practice Clinic

4th Thursdays

9:30 to 10:45 a.m.

by zoom meeting

Please see Program Calendar page.

Centering Prayer: About Me
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