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Chris Phillips

Chris came to mindfulness through his life long search to become close with God beyond the limits of images and ideas.  He has been a student of Thich Nhat Hanh since 1990.

Chris left his career running Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary with Massachusetts Audubon in 1996 to work full time for the Dharma. He became the Manager of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies retreat center from 1996 – 2001. He ran Turtle Path Mindfulness Practice Center in Worcester, MA from 1998 - 2003. Chris was ordained in the Order of Interbeing in Plum Village in 2000. He joined the Blooming Lilac Sangha when he moved to western NY in 2004. Chris takes his vision from the Mahayana worldview of Thich Nhat Hanh, and grounds his techniques in the psychology of early Buddhism according to Pali scriptures such as the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. He has practiced vipassana with many teachers from the Insight Meditation Society, the Thai Forest tradition, the Burmese lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw, and with Shinzen Young.

Chris enjoys an active prayer life in his Catholic tradition, especially Centering Prayer and the Mass.  This has been enlivened by his Buddhist meditation.  He loves to learn about the commonalities between contemplative practices across traditions.  He has developed a small group method for interfaith practice and dialogue called "Stillness & Presence."  He learned to love gardening and wildlife from his father, Vince, and learned to value a warm conversation from his mother, Barb.  From his grandparents he learned hospitality and belonging.  His family shared many rituals and stories of Christian history, magical fairies, and heroic adventures.


“With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.”

William Wordsworth


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